Pinterest lust – get the look

Siggada has collected some truly wonderful international images featuring kilims, and would love you to visit this site to inspire you on kilim usage in your home, see

The following beautifully styled images are samples from our pinterest collection which we have matched with our own kilim pieces so you can create a similar look in your home.

Dining areas with Siggada kilim matches

Over-dyed carpet with Siggada over-dyed match

Suzzane with Siggada Suzzane match

Cushions with Siggada cushion match

Moroccan Blankets with Siggada Moroccan blanket match

Living Areas with Siggada Area Kilim matches

Spaces with Runners and Siggada Runner matches

*Siggada operates on the understanding that if we receive any complaints about the use of content or images they will be removed.
If anyone has any queries regarding the kilims featured please don’t hesitate to email us at[/two_third]

NZ Homes with Siggada Kilims

All photos use Siggadas product. The idea is to showcase Siggada Kilims within our kiwi homes (bungalows and villas etc).
This will hopefully inspire you to add another dynamic layer to your own interior.

Beks at Chester St Studio

Kate and Mikes Villa

Monique and Joseph’s Haçienda

Jo and Gus’ Bungalow