I’m leaving on a jet plane… May 14, 2014 – Posted in: Diary

On Friday I am off to the exotic climes of Istanbul, where the east dramatically meets the west (so Ive read) across the Bosphorus, where movie stars and fiction writers have lived and breathed and where some of my best friends have been scrubbed within inches of their lives whilst inappropriately propositioned in ancient hamins. Am I looking forward to this? Oh boy yes. Sad to be leaving my whanau for the longest of times yet secretly thrilled to be able to watch movies nonstop with my little cabin meals. (A fantasy I have harboured since the boys were little). So while Ive been moping around all week wishing I was sharing this experience with my loved ones, and worried that I’ll be hassled for love in exchange for camels, my heart has made somewhat of a u-turn with the discovery that theres a Zara in Istanbul, too right I don’t want those guys hanging round my heels while Im on the shop. Is this wrong? I don’t think so. Istanbul here I come, there’ll be no prisoners taken.